About us

For a long time, society has developed more and more towards being focused on appearance. In the course of the last several years, tv programmes about cosmetic surgery and general media focus on celebrities having cosmetic procedures have contributed to the significant increase in the demand for cosmetic treatments and operations. In todays society, we generally see a much greater acceptance of people who voluntarily undergo surgery to change their appearance. Something that was completely taboo no so many years ago.

The founders of Mylooks have found, that the market for cosmetic treatments is confusing and hard to navigate for the average British consumer. This has lead to the creation of Mylooks. Mylooks is a consumer guide, which makes it easy to find information about cosmetic surgery, laser and injection treatments, eye surgery, hair removal, cosmetic dentistry, and everything else cosmetic. Basically we make it easier for the patient to find the right treatment and not least choose the right clinic.

Mylooks is a privately owned company, registered in the UK. Neither Mylooks nor its employees have any association with private clinics whatsoever.