Advertising on Mylooks

Are you interested in marketing your product or service in an attractive and very targeted environment? - And this being at a low cost? Then please read on...

Why choose to advertise on Mylooks?

  • Mylooks is the perfect ad media for those who run a private hospital, a surgical clinic, a clinic that performs laser and injection treatments, a dental clinic, or an eye surgery clinic. Also, it's well suited for beauty salon owners or hairdressers. - Companies that sell fashionable clothes or jewellery too. When it comes to life style and appearance, Mylooks has got just the right user group!
  • The majority of Mylooks´s visitors are women between the age of 20 and 50. However, the website is visited by many men as well, who are usually looking to get treatments, such as hair removal, a hair transplant, teeth whitening, or eye surgery.

What do I do now, if I wish to bring across my message to the visitors on Mylooks?

If you wish to advertise on Mylooks, or if you require further information regarding the different types of advertising and pricing, please send us an e-mail on We will then contact you as soon as possible.