Patient Reviews

The criteria

  1. Overall impression

    The patient's overall impression of the clinic, and the entire course of the treatment.

  2. Result

    The cosmetic result of the treatment, compared to what the patient was told to expect.

  3. Information

    The level of reassuring information and guidance

  4. Service

    The perception of the general level of service and customer care.

Here, you'll find a list of the patient reviews of all clinics.

A patient review contains a score, which is shown as stars. Often a review also contains a personal story. Between 1 and 5 stars are given in 4 criteria. You can read more about the criteria in the column on the right.

When reviewing a clinic, you can also write your personal story. If personal stories about a clinic have been submitted, you can find them on this page.

It is still far from every clinic that have received enough patient reviews for us to be able to calculate a combined score for the clinic. If we haven't received the minimum number of reviews of a specific clinic, all the 5 star slots on the bar with the clinic name will be empty. However, you will still be able to see the submitted reviews.

If you have had a cosmetic treatment, and wish to help others by anonymously sharing your experiences, you can click here to go to our patient review form.

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