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Patient review, submitted Thursday, May 31st 2007

Treatment provider:Finn Worm Knudsen

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I had lnge considered getting my BFO I had undersgt many clinics and solved very differently. I chose to do my own research before I asked my friend to rds about her surgery, clinic and surgeon. After well over a r I decided a consultation with Finn Worm Knudsen as both my answers and my friend's story pejede against him.

Jeg called the clinic late on the afternoon to make an appointment and come directly through to the surgeon. (My luck) I got the opportunity to ask some questions and he had plenty of time to answer my questions and talk to me.

Da I arrived at my consultation, I was one hour early on that I got a nice chair to sit in, a drink in my waiting. From the first meeting with sekretren flte I won. Although there were several waiting outside Finn time to undergo all there is to FOREG considered and decided during the consultation.

Op to my operative day, I was suddenly in doubt The size and called nervously to make sure that I had made the right decision or whether it had to change, I was calm and I wonder flte p no way I was besvr.

Da I arrived on my operative day I was received by nurses who got me staying on a living room that I was given a suspended corpses pill and some clothes. The time came and several nurses, drug elk and surgeon were all very hjlpsomme and made sure that I was all right. I was kept ihnden myself to sleep a lot sd nurse who also was at my side when I woke again.

Jeg had decided to have a night to make sure everything was as it should upper and s there was anyone around me who knew anything about it all. I l p a double room with another Danish woman, and the course of the evening we had 3 nurses sitting inside of our beds and talk to us, partly on operations, but really mostly just fun-talk.

Den subsequently day looked Finn once again on me before I went home, I got information paper and medication to cope with me subsequently.

To days after my surgery called one of my nurses to me to hear how it went, it was really nice when I saw had the opportunity to once again make sure everything was as it sku maneuver. Moreover fr it also a direct number for Finn if ma falter or something happens.

Idag I sit 2 weeks after my surgery and looks down by myself, and I'm happy. I will at all times speak well for Finn Worm Knudsen and Scan City clinic, and there should be no doubt about that before I need an operation another time it will be there. It is highly recommended.

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