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If you've had a cosmetic treatment in Britain or abroad, you can help future patients in making the right choice of clinics, by sending in an review of the clinic, where you received treatment. You'll also be able to write a personal story about your treatment experience.

Mylooks might use the review and/or the personal story. We guarantee, that you will remain 100 % anonymous.

In order to prevent misuse of the review system, Mylooks reserves the right to disregard a review, in case of a questionable authenticity. Mylooks reserves the right to refrain from publishing the whole review or part of a review, if the phrasing is considered to be in violation of the current legislation.

In order to submit a clinic review, you must fulfil 2 criteria:

  1. You must be a former patient of the clinic that you are rating, and the review must be based on a specific treatment course.
  2. You are not permitted to review a clinic, if you work, or have previously worked, for the clinic or one of the clinic's owners. Neither are you allowed to rate a clinic, if you are related to or have a similar relationship to one of the clinic's owners, or members of the clinic's staff.

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