Hymen Reconstruction Surgery (Hymenoplasty)

Treatment information

Hymen reconstruction surgery enables the restoration of the hymen to a virgin-like condition, and it can be of great help for those, who feel they need their hymen to be restored.

Generally about the treatment

The hymen is a thin, elastic, skin-like membrane, which covers the opening of the vagina, and which is believed to serve the purpose of protecting the vagina from infection at the infant stage. Aside from any technical purposes, the hymen is also a universal symbol of innocence and purity in many cultures.

The hymen is normally broken during the female's first sexual intercourse, after which it tears, causing slight bleeding. The hymen can, however be broken from other causes, such as horseback riding, gymnastics, cycling, or even the use of a tampon.

To many women of religious belief, it is important to preserve their hymen until marriage, as they may otherwise be thought of as unpure and unworthy, which can lead to severe sanctions from their family or society in general.

Although often performed for reasons of religious belief, hymenoplasty has also become very popular for women who simply wish to restore their virginity for the purpose of improving their sexual satisfaction, as restoring the hymen also results in a tightening of the vaginal walls.


Fit and healthy women, who wish to restore their hymen are suitable for a hymen reconstruction.

The procedure

Before undergoing the surgery, the sugeon will go through the patient's individual needs and expectations. The patient will also need to undergo a gyneological examination prior to the operation.

For surgery of the hymen, the surgeon will pull back together the tissue of the hymen, after which it will stitched back together. It will usually not be possible to tell, that the surgery has been done.

The surgery lasts for approximately 1-2 hours, and the result is a fully restored hymen, which will function exactly as before it was broken, meaning intercourse may once again be painful.


The operation is usually carried out on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia.

Risk of complications

There is a risk of side effects from the anaesthetic used, along with bleeding, poor wound healing, a poor cosmetic result, and blood accumulation.

No form of surgery is risk free, although severe complications are very rare.

Healing and recovery

Hymen reconstruction surgery is a relatively simple, non-invasive operation, leaving the patient free to leave the hospital on the same day and return to work on the day following the surgery.

However, the full recovery from the surgery will take 6-8 weeks, and sexual activity must not take place until fully healed.

Duration of the result

The result is permanent.